Safe and powerful sterilized
water producing system

I-KELEEN provides a health solution that can provide the driving force for a clean life
by analyzing and researching the elements that the mankind needs
in advance in line with the rapidly changing lifestyle.


I-KELEEN, the most powerful and fresh sterilized water

When you need sterilized water that can kill 99.99% of viruses and various harmful bacteria, you can get the water immediately and kill harmful viruses and bacteria.

Safe and powerful sterilized water producing system

It produces slightly acidic hypochlorous water (SAHW) with the same physical properties as natural antibacterial ingredients produced by the body.
It produces safe HOCl through electrolysis, and is reduced to water without secondary pollution.

Compact and easy production of sterilized water

I-KELEEN is a compact system for producing slightly acidic hypochlorous water (SAHW) that can immediately produce and use sterilized water, if necessary, with simple operation.